It Gives Us Great Pleasure To Welcome You To Alleluia Ministries                              International (AMI) Is A Bible Believing Christian Church, 
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Alleluia Ministries is a modern congregation of Christ – centered believers celebrating God through the Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministries. It is a home to millions across the globe who seek to hear God speaking today. Alleluia Ministries is led by founder and General Overseer PS ALPH LUKAU
Through the services of the ALLELUIA MINISTRIES, there offerings/donations done in spiritual payouts 
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Are you dealing with some battles in your life?
Are you having trouble moving forward?
You can’t seem to figure out why everyone is attacking you?
Looking for peace?
Sickness is defeating you?

As a Prophet of God, let me tell you that you are right on track. You have connected with the Prophet Who Sees. And, I’m coming to uncover some divine secrets about how to Get on Top of Your Hill.

Listen, Mary made her journey in the city of Judah. By now, you know that Judd ah means praise. And where Judd ah was located was on a hill. The Lord says, “Anytime you continue to praise me, I will take you up the hill.”Anytime you praise God, He takes you up the hill, that’s why you can’t mess up with a worshiper. Because anytime I praise, I jump one more step forward. Anytime I praise, I get on top of my hill. So anytime people see you on top, tell them you have only one secret, and you’re secret is because you are a worshiper The more you praise God, the more you get up of your hill. Hear me, anybody who is a worshiper, doesn’t have time to be jealous of somebody. I said, anytime there is a worshiper, praises are always getting up. Praises are always getting up. This is the time to enter in prayer and fasting. I’m inviting you to join me for prayer and fasting everyday. You must stay connected to a worshiper because when the blessing come down, they fall on everyone who is around a worshiper

And you know what is more powerful? When you are connected to corporate worshiper When you are with people who love to pray and fast. This is how you will defeat the battles in your life. This is how you will move forward. This is how you can stop the enemy from attacking you. This is how you will find peace of mind. This is how sickness will crumble away from you.

Now that you know this secret, send me your Prayers and I will add to my Prayer List. When you send me your prayers, I will show you how to get a prophetic Rock that you will use to Knock Down Your Goliath. Send it to me NOW!
Prayer has long been a cornerstone of Christianity and will most likely remain so throughout the ages. When one reads the Bible, he or she will find many chapters and verses that refer to the act of prayer, how one can pray effectively, and when prophetic prayer is in order.
Prayer is where Christians become acquainted with their Heavenly Father’s heart. Prayer is also a place where Christians commune with Jesus, and as that fellowship grows, their spirits become more sensitive to what he is accomplishing in their day-to-day lives. Prayer is a vital key to staying empowered to witness to others and staying filled with the Holy Spirit.
It is a great thing to find oneself on the receiving end of a prophecy; however, care must be taken to ensure that one has proper safeguards in place. The Bible states in the book of Luke that when Mary was told she was to bear the Son of God, she realized that people would not understand and held the knowledge in her heart rather than telling everyone what was revealed to her. She waited with complete faith in God for the fulfillment of the promise in His own timing. It is for this reason that many Christians keep a daily journal where they can record such matters and share them only when they feel led to by God.
Is there something specific that you would like to pray for? Become part of the prophetic prayer list and speak to a prophet today. Tell him your prayer requests and he shall speak God’s message to you.

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